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12 Angry Lebanese and post-show discussion

Admission £0-£10 depending on need and availability
Start Time 19:00
End Time 22:00

This 12 Angry Lebanese film screening is part of the Humanise Community Film Club, a research project by Liverpool based artist Aleasha Chaunte.

In an age of intolerance, in which we seem to have forgotten the skills needed to live with people who are different from us, this film series is an opportunity to relearn them.

Each screening will be accompanied by conversation and a little food. They will also be bringing relevant guest speakers who can offer some context for each film. Let’s Humanise each other.

About the Film

For 15 months, 45 inmates, some completely illiterate, worked together to present an adaptation of Reginald Rose’s famous stage play 12 Angry Men (known worldwide through the Sidney Lumet film starring Henry Fonda).

The choice of play, which touches upon the themes of forgiveness, self- development, stigma and hope, was no accident. Daccache added monologues, songs and dance routines created by the prisoners to the original text.

A must see, this remarkable documentary includes rehearsals, drama therapy sessions and interviews, revealing the tremendous dignity and despair of the prisoners as well as the charismatic Daccache’s boundless energy and patience. The film is unrated but contains adult themes.

Winner, Best Documentary, Audience Award, Dubai Film Festival; Audience Award, Dox Box, Damascus.

Why was it chosen for the series?

Aleasha says: “We may believe that some people are beyond the reach of our compassion, especially those who have harmed others. This documentary allowed me to see again the systemic problems, poverty, trauma and loss that contribute to crime as well as watching people hold themselves accountable for their choices. You will love and admire Zeina Daccache by the end of the film.”

About the location

Screenings are in the Engine Room on platform one. There is a wheelchair accessible entrance but please let them know if you have any questions about access.


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