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Andrew Poppy – Hoarse Songs

Admission £11.50
Start Time 15:30
End Time 15:30

Andrew Poppy is a composer, arranger, musician, performer, record producer, and writer. An artist with a unique body of work, his collaborations mix acoustic and electronic sounds with language, visual images and performance disciplines.

In the 1970s he studied music at Goldsmiths College, London University where he began performing Glass, Riley, Cage and Feldman and composing. He later attended a summer school with John Cage and started collaborating with other musical artists, choreographers, theatre makers and performance artists.

Andrew signed to Trevor Horn and Paul Morley’s maverick pop label ZTT releasing his first album The Beating of Wings in 1985. He continues to make projects which evade classification.

Hoarse Songs is both a new album and performance – a recording, a concert and a cinematic happening, all at the same time. The show was previewed at The Barge House performance space in London in September 2018. It has been described as ‘a Cosmic Opera, a metaphysical waking up echoing the spiritual quest of Solaris’.

This is an opera without opera singers or a traditional narrative. But the thematics develop around contemporary ideas and issues: the veiled intimacy of couples, the introspection of place and the fluidity of gender.


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