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Bath of Herbs talk hosted by Centre for the Study of International Slavery

Venue The Bluecoat
Admission Free
Start Time 17:00
End Time 19:30
Social -

Bath of Herbs is a beautifully crafted, honest and thoughtful first collection. It explores the complexity of mixed-race, hybrid identities and relationships to the English and Welsh mountains, fells, rivers and shorelines from an ‘othered’, unmappable, positionality.

It honours the lives of Black and Brown women and asks how they can reclaim space, both practically and conceptually. It celebrates and mourns the unspoken pain and joys of motherhood; of menstrual cycles, childbirth, tending to sick children with life-threatening illnesses, the death of mothers, love in all its myriad forms and the desire to escape the constraints of domestic and family life towards different kinds of freedoms.

Join them for a presentation of Emily Zobel Marshall’s work alongside a Q&A.

This event is hosted by the Centre for the Study of International Slavery.

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