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Bird Rave

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Created by Live Art Artist Miss High Leg Kick, Bird Rave is a celebration of classic rave music, the ‘freedom to dance’ days of early UK rave culture, extraordinary Birds and the choreography of nature.

This is a project that families can take part in by downloading the digital activity pack. The pack contains activities that will take you all outdoors, help you to create costume pieces, have you learning some classic dance moves and most importantly making some incredible memories, making this a rave experience that the whole family will absolutely love.

Produced and Supported by Wonder Arts (Formerly Citadel Arts) and Heart of Glass.

Get Outdoors

Did you know that early rave tracks used bird songs as part of the music? This is the perfect time of year to venture outside and hear all of the different birds. They’re tweeting their hearts out!

What can you hear?

Maybe you’ll hear a Robin, who has a song like trickling water. Or a Great Tit and their cheerful little song. Or perhaps you’ll hear the “koooo koooo ker kooo” of the Wood Pigeon. In your ‘at home’ activity pack you’ll find a sheet to help you identify all of the different birds and the special songs they sing. All you have to do is stand still and listen.

Listen to the Bird Rave!

Get Creative

Use the ‘how to’ guide in your activity pack to create your very own costume head pieces. Using just a cap, some tissue paper, pom poms and pipe cleaners, you could be raving in your very own own bird plumage that’s fit for any Bird Rave.

Get Dancing

Watch and learn from the masters of the Bird Rave. Watch the short Bird Rave dance videos and use the dance move chart in your activity pack to learn some classic dance moves like ‘The Running Man’, ‘Screwing in the Lightbulb’ and ‘Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box’.

Get Your Family Bird Rave Started

Complete the short form here to access the digital activity pack.

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