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Chanje Kunda – Kintsugi Gold

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Chanje is a performance artist with complex PTSD.  Her latest project is a short film that seeks to make invisible disabilities visible and valued.

This was inspired by the concept ‘mad pride’ which seeks to celebrate the lives of people with severe and enduring mental health disabilities. 

The DaDaFest 2020 film is free to watch and shown online from 30 November, 5pm. To watch see here.

She has also taken conceptual inspiration from Kintsugi, the Japanese art form of repairing cracked and broken crockery with gold.   Instead of disguising the cracks, they are celebrated and made more visible. This often makes the pieces more beautiful than the original, and the broken places are the most valuable. 

The short film combines poetry, photography and live art aesthetics and explores a translation of the unseen and unheard into a visible, audible and celebratory piece of art.

Kunda asks “physically impaired people can be celebrated as artistic models or olympic superheroes, so why can’t mentally impaired people be celebrated for the beauty within the depths of their alternatively wired brains?”

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