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Chronicles of Majnun Layla

Admission £7 - £9
Start Time 19:30
End Time 22:00

Bahraini poet Qassim Haddad’s powerful rendering of the classic love story of Majnun Layla – often described as the Arab Romeo and Juliet – is transformed into a live experience by renowned Palestinian actor and writer, Amer Hlehel.

The story of love, passion, eroticism and unfulfilled desire is radically reinterpreted with an original, contemporary soundscore and live performance by Rihab Azar and Kareem Samara on acoustic and electric oud.

Moving between Arabic and English, the rhythm, intonation and particularities of both languages bring out the universal qualities of this epic.

Presented by Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, produced by Alia Alzougbi for Shubbak in partnership with the Bagri Foundation.

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