18 Jun 2020 - 30 Jun 2021

Create a Labyrinth at Home

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Making a labyrinth can be a fun, creative and mindful activity for all ages, and you can use materials found at home. Read on and download a handy toolkit below.

A labyrinth is a pattern with one path that twists and turns leading into the centre and the same path leads out again. Ancient labyrinths were circular incorporating a spiral, winding, meaningful path. Making a labyrinth is a creative and playful activity. Walking or even dancing a labyrinth path, offers an opportunity for fresh insights, deep reflection and community or family celebrations.

Labyrinths are often associated with mazes but whereas a maze is designed to be a confusing puzzle with many branches, choices and deadends, a labyrinth is designed to be a calm mindful winding journey in which it’s impossible to get ‘lost’.

Brief history
Originating thousands of years ago on every continent found on rock carvings and laid out on the ground with ancient stones. In the medieval period many labyrinths were installed in the floors of Cathedrals incorporating sacred geometry.

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