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Freestylers: Everybody With Me, Always

Venue Bluecoat
Admission £0-£2 / Donation
Start Time 14:00
End Time 16:30

An inclusive dance performance by the Freestylers is coming to Liverpool’s Bluecoat for two dates this Spring.

The Freestylers are a fantastic group of artists with and without disability and will be performing their Unlimited x CONTINUOUS commission, Everybody With Me, Always at Bluecoat, Liverpool on Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May, 2022, 2pm-4:30pm.

In this relaxed show using film, dance and activities, Freestylers (alongside local performers) share films and activities for everybody. They believe that everyone in their group is powerful, so they are passionate about finding ways to break down conventional power structures and share ownership of their work.

They want to celebrate individuals but challenge individualism in the arts. Freestylers provide a space where people can be seen if they choose to be, and become a part of a wider cultural conversation about race, class, identity, and gender which is shaping the future.

Everybody With Me, Always is an informal, friendly and intimate performance that involves MC’ing, group performance, and audience participation. The audience will often be invited up to join the Freestylers on the dance floor, and they will be guided in the different orientations in which they can watch or participate.

The Freestylers use performance and film in their workshops to look for new and inclusive ways to communicate. Working in gallery spaces in the context of performance art, Freestylers want their spaces to feel relaxed and intimate. They want their audiences to be able to come and go, shout and make noise, and to join them when they want to.

They are prioritising a disabled and neurodiverse audience for these shows, so any local groups or individuals this may describe can also be put on the guest list. Access support available for them too, please contact

Commissioned by CONTINUOUS and Unlimited. Supported using funding from the John Ellerman Foundation.

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