3 Oct 2020

Introduction to Sourdough

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Admission Starts £25
Start Time 12:00
End Time 14:00

An Introduction to Sourdough workshop at Make.North Docks.

Tutor and sourdough baker Julie has been baking bread for over 14 years and has specialised in sourdough bread over the last 4 years.

The workshop is held 3 October, 12pm-2pm. You can book tickets here.

Julie is part of the fantastic team of bakers behind the delicious sourdough from Squash in Toxteth and has been baking for friends and family for many years now.

She is always inspired by the sourdough making process, learning new techniques to inform her practise and using her own kitchen as a space to experiment with new flavours, using different flours, vegetables, seeds, nuts etc..

“I have fallen in love with Sourdough as it is one of the most rewarding bread making processes. ”

That’s why she’s decided to share her knowledge and experiences in the form of workshops at Make.

You’ll be shown step by step how to make a sourdough starter, then how make basic bread dough and different variations and what ingredients to choose.

Making sourdough is easy and eating it is healthier!

Price includes basic ingredients to take home and everything necessary to mix a dough on site.

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