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Journeys to the Underworld

Venue Outside Central Library
Admission Free
Start Time 09:30
End Time 21:00

This production follows the journey of a poem by Francisco Carrasco that speaks of Black ancestors and  contemporary struggles.

It takes a journey through the lives of Indigenous people from Africa, the Americas and other parts of the world and connects with us in this moment of urgency, crisis and confusion where we attempt to find answers.

The event is free and held 12 October, outside Central Library, William Brown St, 9.30am and 8pm and various locations in Liverpool, 10am – 3pm.

The poem is the backdrop to this spoken word, music and dance production. The performance incorporates people holding the poem in placards, representing the many journeys we travel.

Powerful candombe and bass drum rhythms are interspersed throughout, as a lonely melody transforms from a traditional bamboo flute from South America into a single trumpet melody which becomes the undercurrent to everything. Meanwhile, performers and dancers create a transient world in which we must survive.

Featuring local and international artists, as well as volunteers from Liverpool – many of whom are from all over the world and reside in the city region – this production will represent a sense of sharing, support and coming together in solidarity with one another.

12 October was designated as the Day of the Human Race by a conference of indigenous peoples of the Americas in 1992 as part of the 500 years of resistance campaign.

As the performances take place throughout the city, Journeys to the Underworld will be filmed and later premiered as an online film on Saturday 24 October to tie in with United Nations Day.

Produced by Luma Creations.

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