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New Moon Sound Bath for Reconnection – a ritual gathering

Admission £18/£14 concs (plus booking fee)
Start Time 20:00
End Time 21:00
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Gather in candlelight to celebrate yourself and the Leo New Moon through sound, ritual, mindfulness + intention.

We are innately cyclical beings and observing and celebrating these internal cycles is a wonderful way to honour ourselves just as we are, and to feel into how we can tap into our most aligned selves going forward. Honouring nature’s cycles along with our own, is a powerful way to feel more rooted and grounded in our experience, more grateful, more present and more able to access the awe of the space we inhabit in the beautiful cosmic dance.

The new Moon is the perfect moment in the lunar cycle to rest, reflect, refresh, and look to the future. The moon is often seen as being incredibly connected to our emotional world and so during the new moon when that light is obscured we can lose our ability to see what we need to see. We need to build a relationship with this darkness, to embrace it, in order to move forward.

A new Moon is a gestation period. When we are in the darkness, there is a deep and felt sense of connection, an experience of two being one. It is the time when the physical and emotional body can rest and reset in the womb of one’s spirit. No separation exists during this phase.

Gathering at this moment allows us to work with the potent energy of the new moon to reflect on our recent experiences, release what no longer serves us and set powerful intentions for manifestation in our next phase. As the moon begins a new cycle, it is a perfect time to align your energy with your goals and focus on what you need to do in order to be living your most aligned life.

Coming together in circle allows us to connect with each other, and in turn ourselves, more deeply. The more we hold space for one another, the more we realize that the possibilities are endless; that success begets success; that we’re in this together.

Our August New Moon falls in fiery Leo – this is the time to allow yourself to be the centre of attention, to radiate your uniqueness, to tap into the ways you express yourself and supercharge them! This is a powerful time to tap into creativity- to use your enhanced magnetism to create whatever reality you desire!

In our Sound bath for Reconnection we will focus on your intentions and use the sounds of Himalayan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Therapeutic Percussion and Voice to aid in removing any emotional blocks so you can access your flow with more ease

Through helping you to drop into a sound induced Altered State of Consciousness the healing sonic vibrations can help you process unresolved resistances, gain clarity and move through pain towards a more whole harmony…

m i n d, b o d y & s o u l

What they have in store:

-Mugwort Tea

-Guided meditation

-Intention setting

-Water cleansing ritual

-Sound Bath for Reconnection with Gong

-Release ritual

-Actioning Accountability

What to know/bring:

🏹 Wear comfortable clothing that makes you feel good!

🏹 We’ll be lay down so bring a yoga/roll mat, blanket, cushion and anything else you might want to make yourself comfortable

🏹 A bottle of water as the experience can make you a little thirsty

And to enhance your experience you may want to:

🏹 Avoid eating a heavy meal in the hour before

🏹 Apply a few drops of your chosen aromatherapy oil to your pulse points

🏹 Bring a journal to note down any thoughts that come to the surface at the end of your experience

🏹Bring a friend/loved one!


More on Sound Therapy….

Sound Therapy helps us to experience altered states of consciousness by shifting our brainwave state to lower frequencies that can impact the body, helping to promote deep relaxation; induce total relaxation, release emotional trauma, manage pain, sleep better and relieve stress and anxiety.

Experiencing therapeutic sound allows us to deeply listen to ourselves and receive the true healing that we need on a mind body and spirit level.

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