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Philosophy in Movies

Venue Online
Admission £66/£33 conc
Start Time 18:00
End Time 20:00

This course aims to introduce the philosophical theories that underpin some of the most well-known movies of our time.

Covering topics such as time-travel, moral action, and the nature of reality, students will develop the theoretical knowledge required to evaluate, analyse, and critically assess philosophical themes in their favourite movies.

Students will develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the philosophical ideas visual storytellers are communicating through cinema, and the conceptual challenges these ideas invoke.

Week 1: Time Travel
Week 2: Who am I? The protagonist’s dilemma
Week 3: What is Reality?
Week 4: Morality and the hero/heroine
Week 5: Humans and the rise of Technology

Full fee £66/Concession fee £33

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