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Ring: 20th Anniversary

Venue FACT
Admission £7.70
Start Time 22:52
End Time 22:52

Hideo Nakata’s classic and hugely influential J-Horror returns to cinemas in a new restoration for its twentieth anniversary.

Two high-school girls tell of a video that is circulating around Tokyo which once watched will result in certain death within one week of viewing. Shortly after this revelation, one of the two girls dies. Three of the girls’ friends are also found dead. Reiko, a young single mother and television reporter, takes up the mystery and discovers the strange and unsettling tape… Based on a novel by Japan’s answer to Stephen King, Koji Suzuki, Ring is part occult thriller and part VIDEODROME-esque tale of technology with a mind of its own. Stylish and genuinely haunting, director Hideo Nakata splices video segments depicting paranormal activity into the film to break up the linear narrative in quite unsettling ways.

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