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Scars: Memories of the Skin

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Start Time 14:00
End Time 00:00

Scars communicate different meanings, lived experiences and emotional changes as a script on the body. Like translated texts, they can be interpreted in different ways.

The DaDaFest 2020 event is free and held online from 2pm, 29 November – 3 December. To watch see here.

Through photography, artist Ngozi Ugochukwu uses her lived experience to explore the scars on her own body, each telling a story from her life.

From tribal markings received as a baby, to burns used in traditional Nigerian medicine inflicted on her to try and make her walk, to hospital operations, to the everyday marks and scratches we all get from living our lives, Ugochukwu explores what is written on the body.

Her stories will be told through a series of photographs and audio descriptions, revealing the origins of the scars. At the same time, Ugochukwu will seek out other stories and other storytellers whose own scars have something to say about them.

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