5 Feb 2021 - 30 Jun 2021

The Art of Ruin

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A new exhibition of Italian landscape painting has been hung in Liverpool’s Victoria Gallery & Museum, despite it currently being closed to visitors.

The Art of Ruin looks at the trend of creating pictures of ruined buildings that emerged in the 1600s when visiting archaeological sites and collecting ancient artefacts became a popular pastime.

You don’t have to wait until lockdown ends to enjoy the exhibition as as 360-degree tour can be viewed online now. More details here.

There are two main types of ‘ruin’ paintings – ‘capriccio’, which places real or imagined architectural structures within a fictional landscape, and ‘vedute ideate’, where identifiable buildings in romanticised or exaggerated settings, usually based on real places.

This exhibition features both including Landscape with Seaport and Ruins by a follower of Salvator Rosa (1615-73), a rebellious painter and writer from Naples whose work was hugely influential on later artists; and Classical Ruins with Figures by a follower of Giovanni Paola Panini (1691-1765), a leading painter and architect working in Rome who often placed real ruins within imagined landscapes.

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