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The Missing Light

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Start Time 10:30
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You’re never too old for hopes and dreams there’s always time for plans and schemes. An enchanting show about hopes, dreams, togetherness and true friendship created by the same team who brought At The End of Everything Else to the Everyman in 2016.

When Warple moves into a small fishing village by the seaside, he discovers his neighbour, Hilda, looking out towards the horizon each night, searching for a glimpse of her long-lost husband.

When loneliness, curiosity and a far-off flickering light brings them together, the two elderly friends embark on a surprising journey to reconcile their pasts and find what might lie within their futures.

See how the company use puppetry, film, music and live animation to create a story that is both moving and technically stunning in equal measures.

Presented by Make Mend and Do

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