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The Muse In Museum

Admission £3 on the door
Start Time 10:00
End Time 17:00

See through the eyes of historian, wordsmith and etymologist Anthony Poulton-Smith how language is an invaluable, though often overlooked, tool for unravelling the past.

He will look at who put the ‘The‘ in ‘The Wirral‘, and find an unexpected link between Bells and Clocks. He will explore the Williamson’s extensive military collection – but not through the conflicts.

Little-known political milestones, pots and other vessels, and pints, paintings, sculpture, colour, statues and statutes will all be further topics.

The talk is not simply a run down of dates and events from history nor or the items’ form or appearance.

It will rather be an examination of why they have become part of the collection; the hidden stories they have to tell and how they have contributed to Poulton-Smith’s writings.

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