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you feel me_

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Venue FACT
Admission Free
Start Time 11:00
End Time 18:00

Stop the world, we want to get off. ‘you feel me_’ invites you to an alternative world, a place without division and a space where we can heal.

From a 360° virtual reality experience inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2 to a neon-lit restaurant orbiting in space, ‘you feel me_’ brings together a collection of immersive artworks about power.

We all experience power every day. Sometimes we feel it and sometimes we don’t, but it controls the systems by which we live, both online and offline.

Whether we admit it or not, it is these systems that rule our actions, opinions and responses to the world around us, and to each other. But who holds this power and why do these systems exist?

Presented by Curator-in-Residence Helen Starr, ‘you feel me_’ explores these questions by transforming the galleries into alternative worlds.

Interactive artworks suspend in air, float in hazy mist and explode onto the walls. Travelling through the exhibition, we encounter works by seven artists made from ceramics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, video and game design.

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