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This event has ended

Kerolaina Linkevica – Primordia

Venue FACT
Admission Free
Start Time 11:00
End Time 22:00

Kerolaina Linkeviča (Laīna) presents Primordia (2022), an immersive online work inspired by research into Goddess/Goddexx worship, and their personal experiences of ancestral belief systems passed through the maternal line of their Latvian family.

The three worlds found within Primordia offer an exploration into femme-focussed prehistoric ancestries, and consider how alternative ways of being can allow for the formation of new worlds in collaboration with beyond-human entities. Throughout the gallery installation, you’ll find elements of these digital worlds such as ceramic sigils and fluid textile works, an artform practised throughout generations of Laīna’s family.

Play Primordia (2022) online here and explore the installation from 10 June – 27 August.

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