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20 Apr 2024 - 18 Aug 2024

Another View: Landscapes By Women Artists

Admission Free
Start Time 09:30
End Time 17:30

This exhibition will examine women artists’ place in the history of British landscape art, a story traditionally dominated by male artists.

Starting with early depictions by female amateur artists, the exhibition will move through the 19th and 20th centuries, presenting the changing ways women have looked at the outside world, and how social, economic, cultural and environmental developments have affected that.

The artworks range from oil paintings to prints and drawings, and will be drawn from National Museums Liverpool’s collection alongside works from other institutions. They will tell a story of women artists’ growing ambition and development of technique as they get more of a foothold in the art world. Some of these artists will be relatively unknown, while others are recognised as leaders and innovators of their time. ‘Another View’ will seek to present for the first time an overarching narrative drawing these artists together.

The exhibition comes alongside increased interest in how women from all backgrounds experience ‘the great outdoors’. In presenting these artists’ own approach to looking at and being in the natural world, the show will open up the conversation about how we research and understand landscape art by women artists.

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