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Avalanche Kaito

Venue Future Yard
Admission £14
Start Time 19:15
End Time 22:00

On 4th September Future Yard welcome Avalanche Kaito to Birkenhead, a band built around the sonic collision between urban griot and multi-instrumentalist Kaito Winse (vocals, tama, peul flutes, mouth bow) and Brussels noise punk musicians Benjamin Chaval (drums, electronics) and Nico Gitto (guitar).

Through a twisting sequence of events, the trio eventually met and began developing the soundworld of ancestral proverbs and dadaist inspired technology culminating in a sound The Wire referred to as “freaked, juddering electronic punk”.

The trio mostly play Kaito’s compositions, each making sure to write their part very freely. At the end all compositions are collective. The griot handles proverbs. These are the pillars of wisdom. He can both murmur and harangue, while his intense flute solos come straight from a free jazz he never knew.

Nico brings this very rare quality of being both able to ensure the groove of a very uncommon rhythmic baritone guitar and develop sophisticated sound experiences. Benjamin plays his low-fi drums with two cut pieces of brush handle. Also he provides an important Pure Data electronic part partially controlled by triggers, a real fourth wheel to the coach.

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