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Bee Happy: An Introduction to Bees and Beekeeping

Admission £40
Start Time 11:00
End Time 14:00

If you’ve always been fascinated by bees, or just a honey-holic you will definitely want to join this introductory workshop.

You may know how important honey bees are for pollinating food crops and the environment, but you may not know about the amazing life of bees in their hive. In this short course you will gain insight into the life of a honey bee colony, and understand what beekeeping involves.

During this workshop you will learn in a hands-on way about the life of a honey bee colony, exploring the ins and outs of a hive and running through the stages of hive activity through the year.

A demonstration hive will allow you to also experience the textures and smells of the inside of a hive.

We will talk through the equipment needed to keep bees, and for those who are thinking about it, talk through steps to keeping your own bees.

After refreshments, we will be pulling on protective bee gear, and gaining some hands on experience with the Make Hamilton bee hives. You will have the opportunity to hold a frame of live bees, and gain confidence in handling a colony.

All equipment/ protective bee suits will be provided, but please come wearing long sleeved tops, full length trousers and closed shoes (i.e. no sandals).

Through the session, we will talk about the products from the hive, and you will have the chance to experience these including honey combs and extracted wax.

Each person will leave with a jar of our Hamilton Honey.

The session is led by John, who started keeping bees over 15 years ago, and is responsible for looking after the hives at Make Hamilton.

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