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This event has ended

BLIP by Dan Chan

Admission Free
Start Time 10:00
End Time 18:00

A part of the “In Cahoots” 21/22 progrogrmme by Convenience Gallery

Delivered with support from TNL Community Fund and Kindred LCR.

Walk through the archway and you will find yourself in a BLIP! of reality. It is a safe space, an idyllic dream world, forged from the negativity and hatred people on the margins of society experience. The fantasy world is a place we can all tap into to find sanctuary and safety, here you can experience joy, tranquillity and connection.

BLIP! is an immersive experience built with printed textiles, projection, sound and scent. What does your dream world look, sound, smell and feel like?

The installation highlights how marginalised people create their own sanctuaries, as the society we live in is not built for us. It is particularly important to Chan’s identity as they are a mixed British Chinese, queer and non-binary person. By looking at this intersection in a political context, the current government changes to legislation and rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, since the start of the pandemic, do not make the UK a safe place to exist in.”

‘Blip’ Opening night: Friday 1st April 6:30-late

Show run: 1st April- 15th April (10am-5:30pm Monday-Friday)

Location: Bloom Building, CH41 5FQ

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