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This event has ended

Bliss Comedy – a night of uplifting laughter

Venue HOP, Wirral
Admission £7.50
Start Time 19:00
End Time 22:00

Bliss Comedy – a night of uplifting laughter

Join the team for a hilarious evening of comedy at HOP, Allport Road, Bromborough, Wirral, UK. Get ready to laugh until your sides hurt as their talented comedians take the stage. This in-person event promises to be a night filled with joy, humour, and good vibes.

This night is sure to leave you with a smile on your face so grab your friends and come join them for Bliss Comedy!

Bliss Comedy is hosted by Mary Cross, comedian, writer and podcaster who is looking to create a wonderfully diverse and safe space for everyone to enjoy a night of comedy.

This month they have an all-female line up in celebration of International Women’s Day

Joining them this month are:

Kathy Rivett

Kathy Rivett is a socially awkward teenager who’s decided to avoid teen pregnancy and drug addiction by instead embracing stand up comedy. Shortlisted for Funny Women and BBC New Comedian “Kathy is The Gen Z Daniel Sloss”

Rachel Robbins

Rachel gave up a lucrative academic career to pursue stand up. Listen to other excellent life decisions here.

Rachel Robbins stand up brings the sweet, sassy and sweary to the stage. She is a riot with brutally honest tales that never fail to get a laugh. “You’re my favourite” drunken audience member in Sheffield.

“Rachel has a warmth and natural charm that has an audience captivated from the start. The fact she is hilarious just tops things off.”

“Unbeatable energy… thankfully for us, she has fully immersed herself into live comedy performance and puts on a top show.”

“Whatever topic she tackles, Rachel always has a great angle on it and delivers the content with a bubbly energy that leaves you with a smile on your face even before she hits you with those killer punchlines to have you howling (in a good way).

Phenomenal writer, engaging performer, 10/10 great comic.”

Melina Fiol

Born in Leicester to Spanish-Filipino parents, Melina began her comedy journey in 2021 and is already a distinct voice on the comedy scene. In 2023, she was chosen as one of Leicester Comedy Festival’s Circuit Breakers, before taking part in the Hull Comedy Festival Comedian of the Year Final and winning Nodding Dog’s New Comedian of the Year Competition.

“Comedy Powerhouse”

“Natural charisma, keeps you hanging on every word”

Heidi Clark

Meet Heidi Clark, corpulent and curly , with the accent of a Southern Belle, the charm of a drunken bird staggering home at 3am and the mouth of a docker, you’re bound to find something funny about this one!!

Katie Eckersley

Katie is a Kick Ass Northern Stand Up Comedian and Comedy Writer. She believes one has to see the funny side of daily life so as not to cry.

Doors 7pm, comedy starts at 7.30pm and all wrapped up for 10pm

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