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This event has ended

Ex-Easter Island Head

Admission £17/£14
Start Time 20:00
End Time 22:30

Ex-Easter Island Head are a UK-based musical collective composing and performing music for solid body electric guitar, percussion and other instruments.

Primarily performing as a quartet, the group incorporates multiple electric guitars augmented through mechanical preparations and extended techniques to create works that explore group interplay, repetition and melodic invention through purposefully limited means.

Their records Mallet Guitars One –Three, Large Electric Ensemble and Twenty-Two Strings have been released to significant critical acclaim, the group have received airplay on the BBC and ABC, and their music has been used on television and radio productions internationally.

Collaborators include the BBC Philharmonic, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Immix Ensemble and composer Arnold Dreyblatt. Between 2012-2017 they created two ‘Large Electric Ensembles’, bringing together musicians from Nottingham, Manchester and Salford’s experimental music scenes to create ambitious concert pieces for up to 20 players.

In 2019 the group joined forces with Laura Cannell, Charles Hayward and Andre Bosman to release the critically acclaimed collaborative album Whistling Arrow.

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