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Exhibition Launch – ‘Torn Up’ by Jason Wesley Biggs

Venue Start-Yard
Admission Free
Start Time 17:30
End Time 21:00

‘Torn up’ is Jason Wesley Biggs’ first exhibition.

Jason has always dabbled in art but during lockdown he was receiving so much junk mail through the door he decided to start chopping it up, this lead to him start cutting other things up; old family photos, passports, magazines, granddads’ book of Scottish tartan, he’d relish the daily takeaway menu as they’d become the sauce of artistic inspiration.

‘Torn up’ is an exhibition of chance, collage, Dada, Python, Bowie… it’s just Jason cutting, sticking, laughing, hoping and letting chance have some say and ‘by chance’ forming some composition that hopefully can evoke rather than explain.

Jason landed in Liverpool in 1996 to study Community Arts Drama at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts… this is where he is now… on the floor… surrounded by chaos… he’ll keep cutting and sticking, head along on the 28th and say hello.


“I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste” – Marcel Duchamp

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