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24 Jul 2024

Foley & Technical Sound Workshop

Venue FACT
Admission £3.50 - £7
Start Time 18:00
End Time 20:00

Join FACT for an interactive workshop that delves into the fascinating world of audio crafting through recording and post-production hosted by LMF and led by Dr Eddie Dobson (Post Sound Specialist and Lecturer at the University of Huddersfield).

Learn about the essential roles and the critical importance of sound in creating compelling films and TV shows. Over 2 hours, they’ll explore sound design and introduce you to the art of Foley—where everyday objects become the source of cinematic magic.

This hands-on session will allow you to use professional recording equipment to experiment with creating sound effects. By the end, you’ll have a practical understanding of how sound can support narratives, using post-production software to bring it all together. LMF will also take the sound files and upload them online for the participants to download and play with at home.

Whether you’re a budding filmmaker, a sound enthusiast, or just curious about the behind-the-scenes magic of movies, this workshop is perfect for you!

Please note that this event is for those aged 18 and above.

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