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Harold Hewitt: Life Is A Collage

Admission Free
Start Time 10:00
End Time 17:00

Harold Hewitt creates life-scale immersive pictures of the world we’re all familiar with.

His images are of local scenes, but sometimes a narrative emerges that he didn’t expect – perhaps referencing history, religion, poetry, art history, mythology or even present-day issues. What began as a familiar local scene becomes a stage for a drama, or sometimes a metaphor for a bigger message.

While the pictures might look at a glance like enlarged photos, they begin as oil paintings created on location. These are then developed over many months using hundreds of collaged cut outs. These give the pictures spatial depth, bringing in peripheral as well as direct vision. With the peripheral vision and large size together you feel you can almost step into the works, and become part of the narrative.

Life Is A Collage will run 9th June – 29th July in galleries 1 and 2. For full visiting information check their Visit Us page.


Opening night: Thursday 8th June, 6-8pm – all welcome. Harold will be joined by Ruth Fisher to sing songs about the works from 6-7pm, and then will give a 10-minute talk about the exhibition.

Artist Talks: Friday 16th June, 6pm and Saturday 1st July, 2pm. Book on Tickets Wirral

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