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INDIKA- Sita’s Magical Forest

Readapted from the celebrated Indian mythological epic, the Ramayana, Sita’s Magical Forest is a children’s dance-drama production which tells the trials and triumphs of Rama and Sita. Through storytelling and dance, Sita tells her children tales of war, bravery, friendship, loyalty and devotion, through adventures with the animals she met in the forest.

Amongst them are an eagle; a bear; a sea monster; a crow; a frog; a squirrel; a golden deer; one of the most important characters, Hanuman, and his band of monkeys. Sita’s Magical Forest features the music of classical pianist Anil Srinivasan, choreography of Mohanapriyan Thavarajah and artistic direction, concept, script and choreography design by Aravinth Kumarasamy of Apsaras Arts (Singapore). A perfect half-term outing!


Showings at 11am and 2pm

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