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Is This It?

Admission Free
Start Time 12:00
End Time 17:00

Three contemporary artists from Liverpool and Dublin to respond to the simple question ‘Is This It?’ in a new show by Robert Flynn, Margaret O’Brien and John Elcock at The Royal Standard.

Their response to possibly the ultimate question for human civilisation uses space and time as starting point for a joint exhibition of large scale works, featuring static electricity, found objects and video projection.

Margaret O’Brien: ‘Through a constructed repetition, my work explores the concept of tenselessness – a theory that states there is no privileged position in space-time; the same event can occur at different times for different observers in different frames of reference’.

Robert Flynn: ‘DARKMATTER is a series of photographs and installation that delves into the doctored nature of the images of space that we are exposed to and how it shapes our perception of the cosmic void. Due to our limited capabilities to actually see it most images of space that are released are altered and photoshopped, whether for publicity or to study them and to gain a deeper understanding of the data. Ultimately our perception of space is defined by our inability and attempts to perceive and comprehend it.’

John Elcock: ‘Studio-exploration of objects I found at an isolated pilgrimage site on the Isle of Bute emerged into ideas on a universal scale, suggesting answers to our show’s question might be found on a remote Scottish island, as much as a laboratory at CERN’.

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