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This event has ended

LIJF x Milap – Attuned Ensemble

Admission £15.00
Start Time 13:00
End Time 14:30

This ambitious new line up of Attuned is striving to develop its own approach to Indian Classical fusion.

Placing a strong emphasis on the compositional elements of their material as well as improvisational prowess, they are approaching fusion in a different way to most artists in the subgenre. The diverse expertise and backgrounds of the group’s members enable a vast collection of styles and traditions from across the world to be assimilated seamlessly.

Each composition is constructed in a very specific way, creating an intriguing environment for the improvisation to take place. The melodic material is based on Raags of North and South India, the harmonic elements are evolved precisely from these Raags to develop and enrich their character, without changing the essence of the music. While embodying the complex rhythms of Indian music, the overall landscape of the ensemble draws much from Latin, and Jazz traditions also. These contrasting rhythms, that are layered into the arrangements, flow together seamlessly and when executed with the sharpness and articulation of this group it has a real impact.

The Attuned Quartet will take audiences into a new understanding of what the potential of fusion really is and how this group is truly an ideal foundation for new forms of expression.

Omar Puente – electric violin
Jack Jennings – guitar
Gurdain Rayatt – tabla
Shanti Jayashina – cello

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