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27 Apr 2024

Meteor Airlines – Berber Rock From Morocco

Admission Tickets Required
Start Time 19:00
End Time 23:00

Meteor Airlines is a Moroccan rock band from the region of Tinghir in the southeast of Morocco.

Their music can take several forms from calm acoustic melodies to heavier sounds and could be categorised under what they created and called Amazigh Rock, in which the themes are related to Moroccan Amazigh history, values, customs, and global challenges.

The band’s commitment to their cultural roots is evident not only in their music but also in their visual identity. They are known for donning “Azennar,” traditional cloaks, which add a distinctive and authentic touch to their appearance. Their lyrics are primarily in their mother tongue, Tamazight, underscoring their dedication to preserving and celebrating their heritage through their art.

For the first time, Meteor Airlines is set to bring their unique sound to the UK. They are scheduled to perform at the Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool, 27th of April 2024, marking a significant milestone in their musical journey. This event is an exciting opportunity for UK audiences to experience the rich, culturally infused rock music of Meteor Airlines, a band that not only entertains but also educates and connects listeners to the Moroccan Amazigh culture.

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