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This event has ended

Moulettes Acoustic

Admission £16/£19
Start Time 20:00
End Time 23:00

Stretching the boundaries of expectation as they move between cellos, classical and steel string guitars, viola, piano, violin, harp, percussion and harmony vocals, be prepared to question all you think you know about the traditional chamber ensemble.

This is eclectic music for indie, experimental, folk and classical lovers alike; a delicious interplay of dramatic orchestration, big riffs, string baths and kaleidoscopic lushness.

Through this daring ensemble, Moulettes explore the resonant beauty of these acoustic
instruments with ambition, ingenuity and poise. Choosing to play in-the-round wherever
possible, the crowd encircle the band, close enough to become part of the sixth-sense synergy
that makes ensemble playing so magical to witness.

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