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This event has ended

Murder Mystery – The Final Act

Admission £20
Start Time 19:30
End Time 22:00

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day in the city and almost a year to the day since the theatre doors closed to audiences due to the ‘accident’.

Artistic Director and playwright Sidney Sparks and his wife, Hollywood legend Scarlet Moon have one last shot to entertain the crowd, save their beloved theatre and their reputation. And they have quite an Act!

So Roll up! Roll up! Meet the delightful cast and crew of misfits and egos – take your seats to this explosive opening night – but will anyone actually tread the boards? Or is someone so desperate to stop this show they will do anything, even… kill!

On a night where more then just legs get broken. A night of melodrama. A night of unrequited love. A night of love triangles. A night of… Murder!

Theme: Comedy, parody, zany, carry-on-style.

The event is held Downstairs at the Everyman, 11 February, 7.30pm.

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