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Neil Campbell’s After the Flood

Admission £10
Start Time 19:30
End Time 22:00

Imagine if the world was almost destroyed and there were just a few survivors left. With the goal of building a new positive world from the wreckage of the past, what sort of music would the surviving musicians make?

After the Flood is a conceptual instrumental band hailing from Liverpool, UK featuring guitarist/composers Neil Campbell (Bulbs/Neil Campbell Collective) and Marty Snape (Mighty Zeb/Bulbs/The Hat Band), along with Roger Gardiner (Dead Poppies) on Overwater bass and Norwegian ace Viktor Nordberg on drums.

After the Flood’s music draws on minimalism, folk music, progressive rock, African, Indian and other indigenous musical styles, using polyrhythms, cyclical structures and tight arrangements but allowing pockets of space for improvisation and self-expression.

Original music performed will draw from the band’s 2018 debut eponymous album and also from Neil Campbell’s recent 2021 Klee Music release The Great Escape.

The event is part of Liverpool Hope University’s Angel Field Festival.

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