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This event has ended

One in, One out: Liverpool’s Smallest Gay Bar

Admission Free
Start Time 13:00
End Time 19:30

One in, One out: Liverpool’s Smallest Gay Bar is an exclusive club featuring all the camp, glitz, glamour and dodgy disco lighting you’ve been missing during the past few months, but this time it’s all for you.

There’s a welcome familiarity to be found in the bright lights and sticky floors of the gay bar; spaces which were often created as a rejection of queer isolation. But as the needs of the queer community change, and we grow more aware of intersecting identities – is the gay bar part of the future of queer space?

Created by artist Lucy Hayhoe, One in, One out is inspired by the continuing threat to LGBTQIA+ nightlife spaces and debates around access to these venues. One in, One out explores nostalgia for lost LGBTQIA+ scenes, the consumption of queer space as novelty and what it means to be queer and alone.

One in One out  is experienced one at a time, so put your glad-drags back on and get those dance moves ready, because the floor is all yours.

This interaction installation will be in the Everyman’s Street Cafe from 4 – 6 November, 1pm – 7.30pm and is free to visit.

Presented by Homotopia Festival 2021, the UK’s longest running LGBTQIA arts and cultural festival. Find out more at

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