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Orff UK International Summer School

Admission Residential: £485 members / £520 non-members Non-residential: £245 members / £280 non-members
Start Time 09:00
End Time 21:00

Orff Uk are excited to be holding their International Summer School in Liverpool for the very first time!

The Summer School will take place at Liverpool Hope University and is for all who work musically and creatively with children and young people in or out of school. Workshops focus on the Orff Approach, combining vocal and instrumental music making, and movement. Tutors offer an exciting and stimulating range of ideas to develop your skills and understanding of improvising and composing with children, a key aspect in making music learning meaningful and engaging.

The workshops will be designed for those new to the Orff Approach and for the more experienced.

The programme includes a creative project ‘Sense of Place’ which uses inspiring places in Liverpool City to stimulate ideas for creating music and movement pieces. The tutors will lead you on a journey exploring memories, feelings, images and found sounds through audio recording, word capture and mark making.

Tutors include:

⭐️Kate Buchanan

⭐️Doris Valtiner

⭐️Noelle Boucherat

⭐️David Wheway

⭐️Andrew Maud


⭐️Chris Robson

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