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This event has ended

Park Life

Venue The Casa Theatre Bar
Admission From £5
Start Time 19:30
End Time 22:00

Why is Tag Team Writing like Tag Team Wrestling? Because they both have to keep a grip on things.

This was the fighting challenge for nine writers in a Make it Write drama workshop who baton-changed their words to give an uplifting look at a park through the seasons and the people who go there. 

The result is a sideways view of life, love, loss and longing which you can see as a play at The Casa Theatre Bar, Hope Street, Liverpool, on October 4 and 5. It is part of the Liverpool Fringe Festival.

As well as the plants growing in all their glory we see the vandals who have blossomed into responsible parents. 

What stories of romance and dreams could that battered old park bench tell if it could talk?

Make it Write Productions is a Liverpool-based group dedicated to fostering new writing throughout the North West. As well as stage shows and workshops Make it Write produces sound and video recordings.

“The show was originally staged in May and featured some of our best writers and we have brought everyone back as they are such a great team,” said producer Sharon Colpman.

Tickets from £5 can be bought online at:

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