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5 Jul 2024 - 13 Oct 2024

R.I.P. Germain

Venue FACT
Admission Free
Start Time 09:00
End Time 22:00

In “After GOD, Dudus Comes Next!”, R.I.P. Germain explores the concept of ‘false fronts’: spaces that look like one thing, but function as something else, or otherwise occlude some of their operations from general access.

The gallery presents a street facade with three such establishments, that each reveal or conceal their purpose to varying degrees, depending on who you are. Inside each space are hundreds of visible and hidden objects that may or may not hold significance for us; to understand their meaning relies on our own background and understanding of the world. They act as clues and codes – perhaps evoking a reaction, or not resonating at all.

Through architecting these spaces, the artist examines how exclusionary structures shape alternative spaces and behaviours, shedding light on how those who feel the need to create support networks do so when official resources are inaccessible, and how illegal activity quite literally fills gaps in the fabric of our cities.

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