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Rhythm Connections : An immersive journey through sound + movement medicine

Admission £48.00/£42.00 Concs (plus booking)
Start Time 19:00
End Time 22:00

This event marks the meeting of multiple healing modalities and the collaboration of two practitioners; Embodiment Guide/Yoga Teacher Giordan and Sound Therapist/Artist Grace.

We met through attending each others events and have dreamed up this gathering because we deeply believe in the potent healing of our own and each others practices! Sound and movement are cosmically intertwined so it feels exactly right to be weaving them together in the exciting ways we have planned for this event.

When we feel that our life is out of whack, off beat, out of rhythm, we can use sound and movement to remedy that, it can be our medicine, we can quite literally shake it off and shimmy ourselves back to our centre.

Sound and movement have been used for ritual and celebration across the world for thousands of years and it continue to be so. Whether it be singing in church, dancing at parties, drunk karaoke or twirling, twisting and twerking on the dance floor, we love to move to sound and we are deeply rhythmic beings. Rhythm is one of the first things we experience in the womb and we all connect to the rhythm of our heartbeats – rhythm is vital to life. Connecting to rhythm through movement and sound can help us tap into that vitality, to creativity, to sensuality, to playfulness and to joy, and we hope to revel in all of that vitality in this special evening event under the beautiful Wirral skies.

After training in Hatha & Hot Yoga, Giordan began to explore more somatic practises whilst becoming more & more interested in the link between movement, music and the nervous system. In her first ever Movement is Medicine class, Giordan knew she was going to become a facilitator. Finding a state of absolute bliss on the dance floor, fully connected to her own body, feeling tears of joy falling down her face & an overwhelming sense of pure joy as she moved her body freely; in this collective effervescence her mind was made up. Now, guiding people through this method is something she is unbelievably passionate about which has become a powerful source of joy & connection for her personally. She can’t wait to dance with you!

Movement is Medicine (MiM) is a neuroscience backed method for mind & body that combines rave culture and nervous system regulation techniques to release tension, stress and emotion. You’ll be guided first through a thorough body-based meditation, followed by movement & dance to a specifically curated playlist of your favourite rhythmic genres such as reggae, dancehall, house, garage, drum & bass + more to help you shake away your stress & come out of the head & into the body.

Trained originally as a fine artist and later as a Sound Therapist, Grace has always endeavoured to make work that feels immersive and transportive, and been deeply fascinated by ancient rituals of connection, storytelling and myth-making. Beginning tentatively, with making sound recordings to accompany artworks, Grace realised the intense therapeutic effects that sound can have and started to explore it more. Through this further study in sound healing Grace discovered the power Sound Therapy has to help us experience altered states of consciousness by shifting our brainwave state to lower frequencies that can impact the physical body, helping to promote deep relaxation; induce relaxation, release emotional trauma, manage pain, sleep better and relieve stress and anxiety.

Sound Therapy helps us to create the pathway to a place of mental quiet and understanding, where we are able to see what is in the way of flow in life, and MiM is a powerful tool to help move those flow blockers out of our systems-

through combining the two we are able to UNEARTH and OBSERVE our emotional resistances, and then MOVE them THROUGH and OUT of the body.

This allows us the opportunity to deeply listen to ourselves and receive the true healing that we need on a mind, body and spirit level.

Here’s what to expect from the day:

We will meet in New Brighton and you’ll be led to a special spot overlooking the beach where we will open the gathering. There will be:

Communal Cacao Ceremony

Intention Setting

Guided Meditation

Drum Journey

Movement is Medicine


Mugwort Tea sharing

Sound Bath with Gong

Intention release into the fire

Delicious, healthful snacks

We will close on the beach sharing food, swapping stories and releasing our intentions into a fire.

It is our intention to create a safe space for you to come as you are with whatever you want to work through, everyone is welcome and all of You is welcome.

This gathering promises to be a melting pot of wellness practices and we can’t wait to see what magic you will bring – come and gather with us!!

What to know/bring:

🏹 Wear something you feel good to move, dance & frolic in!

🏹 We’ll be lay down for some time so bring a yoga/roll mat, blanket, cushion and anything else you might want to make yourself comfortable (so you can get super cosy for the sound bath)

🏹 Your own instruments (optional – if you have these!)

🏹 Your journal & a pen – we can provide paper and pencils if you don’t have a journal!

🏹 Drinking water

To enhance your experience you may want to:

🏹 Apply a few drops of your chosen aromatherapy oil to your pulse points

🏹 Bring any crystals you have/work with

🏹 Bring a friend/loved one to share the experience with!


When heading to the event use the following what 3 words code to get you to the meeting location:



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