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Salaam Festival

Venue Various Manchester venues
Admission Various prices
Start Time 12:00
End Time 00:00

Launching this July, Salaam Festival is a brand new Manchester-based biennial – exploring the future of Muslim arts and culture, through a programme of forward-thinking events, groundbreaking showcases and international collaborations.

This artist and community-led festival will present new and original works from across the spectrum of visual art, music, culture, performance, dance, film, discussion and food. The festival will bring together internationally-renowned artists from different art forms and backgrounds to bring progressive, contemporary work to new and existing audiences across Manchester and the World.

The festival will premiere five ‘New Works’, beginning with an immersive opening ceremony ‘Mehfil’. Zaman presents acoustic and visual artistry in sacred forms by Nouredinne Khourchid and Tunisian street artist Mohamed Koumenji aka Koom. Supplementing the performances, award-winning chef Anissa Helou will treat guests to a sumptuous Moroccan-inspired feast.

Among the new works is also a new composition based on the poet ‘Iqbal’ and his work, written and composed by Rushil Ranjan, performed at the Albert Hall by Manchester Camerata with the stunning vocals of Abi Sampa.

Other premieres include a contemporary dance performance titled ‘Muguwa’ from dance choreographer Abdul ‘Abdanger’ Kineyenya and Ârōōr /ǎ, an Afro-Futurist project that tries to imagine the possibilities of a Somali future written and performed by Elmi Ali, directed by Yusra Warsama and produced by Numbi Arts. Plus, a contemporary Islamic garden-inspired installation by Jameel Prize-nominated artist Sofia Karim at Lincoln Square.

The festival will also feature five nights of music at venues across the city centre, free programming in the ‘Medina’ – the festival hub at St Anne’s Square, and a series of daily conversations called ‘Sohbet’ at Portico Library.

Salaam Festival will take place across a variety of Manchester’s most iconic and exciting venues and buildings, from Manchester Cathedral, Albert Hall and The Portico Library, to Band on the Wall and HOME.

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