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Sarod Sisters and Kousic Sen In Concert

Admission £15/£12
Start Time 19:00
End Time 22:00

Prepare to experience an enchanting world of music with the Sarod Sisters, Dr Troilee Dutta and Moisilee Dutta. These rising stars are all set to make their UK debut and enthral audiences with their exceptional talent and artistry.

The sarod is a beautiful and expressive instrument that has been an integral part of Indian music for centuries. With its unique sound and intricate design, it has inspired countless musicians and music lovers alike. Troilee and Moisilee’s skilful playing on the sarod will showcase the full range of this incredible instrument’s capabilities.

Joining them on stage will be the renowned tabla maestro, Kousic Sen. His exceptional artistry on the tabla has earned him worldwide acclaim and made him a sought-after collaborator for many top Indian classical musicians. With Kousic’s rhythmic accompaniment, Troilee and Moisilee’s sarod will truly come to life, creating a musical experience like no other.

Together, these three virtuosos take you on a spellbinding journey through the rich and vibrant world of Indian classical music.

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