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This event has ended

Short Course: Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Venue World Museum
Admission £80
Start Time 13:00
End Time 15:00

Hieroglyphs were used for well over 3000 years to write the Egyptian language in monumental settings and was the script some of the most important texts were written in.

In this course we will look at the basics of how to read real hieroglyph inscriptions, using real texts from monumental settings in Egypt as well as texts from the collections at World Museum Liverpool. No prior knowledge of hieroglyphs is needed and although no knowledge of Ancient Egypt is required, a basic understanding of the culture and history will be beneficial to participants.

The fee for this course is £80 per participant. This includes four facilitator-led sessions at World Museum Liverpool. The course will run across 4 Saturday afternoons, 1-3pm on-

6, 13, 20, 27 January 2024

We aim to make our courses as accessible as possible and if there is anything they can put into place to help you attend please get in contact with the course facilitator, Matt Exley, on

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