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This event has ended

Soundtracking Birkenhead’s History

Venue Future Yard
Admission Free/Donation based
Start Time 18:00
End Time 22:30

Soundtracking Birkenhead’s History: A night uncovering local history and memories through music and sound.

Convenience is working with Future Yard, Queensway Collective, Sugarshack Soundsystem, artist Declan Connolly and musician Dan Astles as part of their project to uncover the working class history of Birkenhead.

Over the past 6 months Convenience Gallery have been working with the local community to uncover memories of the working class history, memory and life to build the beginning of a people’s history. Unearthing the places, memories, and stories of the people who have worked and lived here in Birkenhead and Wirral over the past 100 years right up to present day.

So far they have uncovered stories from across the area and many involving music from, long since closed or demolished venues, record shops, festivals, illegal raves and bandstands but we know there is so much more to add to this story.

On the 26th they will be hosting a night of nostalgia, music, sonic history, collective memory, local and personal history, uncovering working class memories from across Birkenhead using music as the catalyst to unlock this. Hosted at local independent music venue Future yard and bringing together great local musicians, DJs, and artists. This event is open to everyone and completely free to attend.

Expect DJs sets,interactive workshops and conversations, songwriting workshops, photography workshops and more.

Do you have a Working-Class history to share? Do you have stories or memories of venues and clubs from across the area? Do you have memories of songs, gigs, events or subcultures? Share your songs and the memories attached to them.


Tell your story of Birkenhead.

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