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This event has ended

Spencer Cullum

Venue Future Yard
Admission £10
Start Time 19:45
End Time 23:00

Future Yard are thrilled to be welcoming the Romford-born, Nashville-made sounds of Spencer Cullum on the Future Yard stage on Thursday 17th August, as he presents his Coin Collection in Birkenhead along with Erin Rae and Sean Thompson.

They join the venue this summer in support of Callum’s Coin Collection 2 (released in April via Full Time Hobby), a kaleidoscopic collection of folk, jazz and pop, cut though with immaculately-rendered songwriting. It’s an album that refuses to wear its influences on it sleeve, maintaining the beautifully sun-kissed, English country garden, bees-buzzing-round-lager atmosphere of Callum’s first Coin Collection LP, but much more complicated, weirder and far deeper.

Tickets on sale now.

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