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Stand Up

Venue The Casa Theatre Bar
Admission £10/£8
Start Time 20:00
End Time 22:00

A Crosby Pizza delivery man has come up with his very own bitter-sweet topping. With the help of Make it Write productions, Bernie Winston is serving up a black comedy in The Casa Theatre Bar.

Bernie’s play, “Stand Up”, offers us Mark, a comic whose on stage banter hides his personal misery. Off stage when the laughter has died away Mark, played by Trevor Fleming, struggles with gambling debts and the spectre of loan sharks. 

“Stand Up” is the work of Bernie Winston, a Pizza delivery man, who has been writing for most of his life. Now this, his first play, is being performed at The Casa Bar, Hope Street, Liverpool on April 29 and 30. 

Bernie says: “It’s thanks to meeting Sharon Colpman of Make it Write Productions. It really was a life-changing event. With Sharon’s advice and by attending the group’s courses and workshops I soon found myself up and running.”

Lisa Worth plays Mark’s ex-wife Marie, Dan Pendleton is Fraser her new lover and Jackie Gorst plays Toni a shadowy gangster.

It is being directed by Kevin Foott and produced by Ted Gray and Jamie Gaskin.

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