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This event has ended

The Identity of Activism

Venue Online
Admission Free
Start Time 18:30
End Time 19:30

Whose voices get heard? Whose lenses are we presented with?

The event is free and held online, 11 August, 6.30pm-7.30pm. See here for tickets.

The panel will explore themes from Baff Akoto’s UP:RISE artwork, a groundbreaking Augmented Reality artwork that will be shown nationwide from 6th August. The artwork marks 10 years since the “UK Riots” of 2011, described by the artist as “the first uprisings of the digital era”.

They’ll also discuss the impact of the 2011 uprising on the current protests and moments of civil unrest, as well as drawing links back to a tradition of civil unrest in the UK. Asking questions of whose voices are being heard, which voices are legitimized and why?

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