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The Scouse Genie

Admission Tickets Required
Start Time 19:30
End Time 21:30

This winter, City Theatre proudly presents its first-ever adult pantomime, “The Scouse Genie,” a show teeming with Liverpool’s distinct energy and a dash of cheeky humour.

Dive into the heart of Liverpool with the story of Aria, a true Scouse girl, her family including her mother, Liver Bird, and her siblings, Timothy and Stacey. Their routine life spirals into an exciting whirlwind with the arrival of the enigmatic Scarr Quinn, who emerges under the guise of a long-lost uncle. But there’s more to Scarr Quinn than meets the eye.

“The Scouse Genie” stands out with its vivid array of characters. We meet the charming Prince Jay and Princess Cara, their stepmother, ‘The Empress’ Sapphire, and her dynamic assistant, Troy. Not to be missed is Haribo, a laid-back yet vibrant character who, despite being under Scarr Quinn’s thumb, quickly forms an unbreakable bond with Aria.

Join Aria and Haribo on their quest. What mysteries does the magical lamp hold? Will the Liver Bird’s presence be a force to reckon with for the men in the audience?

Experience “The Scouse Genie” from November 28th to December 2nd at City Theatre. It’s more than just a pantomime; it’s a celebration of Liverpool’s spirit, sprinkled with adult humor and unforgettable adventures. Get ready for a pantomime experience that’s audaciously adult and uniquely Scouse.

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