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7 Jun 2024

The Spare Rib Burlesque and Cabaret

Admission £15
Start Time 19:30
End Time 22:00

The Spare Rib Burlesque & Cabaret is back for a Pride special featuring exquisite burlesque, drag and cabaret talent from sensational LGBTQIA+ artists.

Celebrate the diversity of queerness with us in this unforgettable night where all are welcome and celebrated Performers:

He’s the UK’s biggest Drag King on wheels! With the goal of spreading queer disabled joy and power, Crip Ladywood brings laughs, singing, lip-syncs, games, and lots of love.

The bubblegum sweetheart of East London, Nat Funni is host and producer of London silly billy bonanza NFTV, East London drag competition royalty, national draglesque treasure and all round non binary icon. A very sexy & silly clown, they’re Nat Funni, they’re hilarious!

Hazel Luna is a burlesque, Go-Go and classically trained dancer. Hazel’s performances never fail to stun an audience, she incorporates various styles and disciplines to bring magic and wonder to any stage. Expect lights, expect ethereal, expect an angel with heavenly floor work!

Glimour is an internationally booked, ace/aro, AFAB drag performer and cabaret vocalist. Her drag combines old Hollywood glamour with skilful vocals and sultry burlesque elements. Glimour uses her drag to express herself and challenge harmful stereotypes associated with asexual and aromantic individuals. She hopes to empower everyone to wear whatever they want and do whatever they want regardless of what others think or say.

Macho Mei is a 10/10 mix of androgyny, drag and burlesque. As a Soho School of Burlesque alum and member of The Bitten Peach, they bring smooth, sexy moves with a baddie attitude that’ll leave you screaming for more.

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