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Trauma Informed Practice for Participatory Artists – TRAINING

Venue Online
Admission From £20.21
Start Time 10:30
End Time 13:30

Although it’s very important to maintain the distinction between art and therapy, participatory artists are often in positions where they need to support their participants’ mental health. This training is specifically for artists and facilitators and takes a person-centred approach to understanding trauma and incorporating this understanding into your creative practice.

This training will:

  • Provide an overview of the physiology of trauma and an insight from the perspective of a clinical psychotherapist;
  • Unpick popular perceptions and misuse of language around trauma and PTSD;
  • Offer practical tips for creating safe spaces for participants and avoiding practices which may retraumatise participants;
  • Create a space to explore problem solving using real-life scenarios.

This event is aimed at artists working in communities, theatre-makers and activists interested in using the arts as a tool for positive change.

Length: 3 hours

Ticket Cost:

  • For attendees supported by their organisations the full price of a ticket is £55.00
  • For freelancers and individual attendees the price of a ticket is £35.00
  • For those on low or no income the ticket price is £18.00

They also have a small number of bursary places available for those with limited funds, please email Marianne at

**Please Note: Ticket sales will end 24 hours before this event is due to start.

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